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Evelyn there's no way I could ever say Thank You and have it mean all that I want it to. With this page dedicated to you, I hope you'll know how much you mean to me. I hope everyone will understand what a "Best Friend" should be. They wouldn't need to look any further than you! Because your the BEST!!

I want to thank you for so many things, but mainly for being the bestest friend anyone could have!! You're the only person I can count on for unconditional love. You encourage me, you don't hold things against me, you forgive the bad choices I've made and you always cheer me on when I make wise ones.

You don't humor me, or say things just to please me. I can count on you to tell me what you think and then allow me the time to make my own choices, knowing I'd come to my senses before it was too late!!! Well, most of the time I came to my senses before it was too late (laughing out loud).

When I did screw up, you never turned your back on me, you were always there helping me pull things together, never treated me less than what I am. You never took happiness in my pain or complained about my shortcomings.

For these things, and for so many more.....I Thank You.I feel so fortunate that God loved me enough to give me you for a sister and the best of a friend anyone could dream of having. xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

I love you lil'sis,love Sis

DECEMBER 25, 1999