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Journery into Miracles

Remember to always look inside yourself,
to love yourself and see
beyond all your fears and failures.
Reach out and grasp onto your hopes and dreams.


Live    for    Today

**How we live today
 affects all of our tomorrows.
 Remember that turning down
 the wrong road is part of the journey,
 and finding our way back is  the challenge.

  Don't forget what is truly important,
  are the simple and basic things in Life, Honesty, Pure Emotions,
  surrounded by the majestic beauty of Nature.
  You need to smell the clean air
  after the rainfall and appreciate  the good in things.

  Each of us must be responsible
  to do our part in order to
  help preserve a beautiful world
  the waterfalls, the oceans, the mountains, large green farms,
  and puffy pink clouds,  the sunrise and sunsets,
  rainbows, hummingbirds and butterflies.

  We need to remember,
  that we  are only here for a short time,
  and that everyday should count for something.

  Be grateful for the Sunshine,
  and find Hope in the rainbows.
  Laugh from your soul
  and always hold on to your dreams


I stand beyond the threshold, and behold the universe. In all its wonder and awe. How did I get here? Do I dare to believe that all of this? Is reality and truth? As I turn, I see the path behind me, sometimes straight, Sometimes a very gnarled path, Sometimes no path at all. Sometimes wide, sometimes so narrow that it seems a mere thread. I see the obstacles also, the mountains which were scaled with ease. The tiny obstacles which seemed to be insurmountable. I see myself with my virtues and my vices. My emotions, the good and the bad. The only things I carried with me were the Desires of the heart. I saw the battles that were waged, The defeats, the victories. I saw the times I seemed to be lost forever, And failure seemed to be the victor. In my defeats, I learned humility. I saw the times I was given hope and strength to fight. I saw the times I could not fight at all, And called upon others to fight for me. I saw that the victories belong to the Creator alone. All along the way were those who urged me on, Or extended a hand to help me when I fell. There are those who carried me When there was no strength left within me, Those who guided me when the way was dark, So very, very dark. They did not sit in judgement on me, But gave me love and understanding And inspired me to trust and go on. I looked before me and beheld a sea of beauty That the mind could not comprehend, But only the spirit. I looked back and saw another path. And upon this path was one who was blind, and struggling. I looked down at my hands, And I still carried in them the desires of the heart. I turned to him then, And stretched forth my hands. ***********************************************************************